Brian Sheridan

Hi, I'm Brian Sheridan


As a trained Eldercare Advisor, Brian helps families locate assisted living communities, housing options and care services that meet their geographic, financial and clinical needs and preferences. He has a network of fully vetted assisted living solutions and services that share one common characteristic - excellence in care. Brian strives to provide high quality, personal and compassionate service to the community and helps families manage the key life transitions they are facing.

I’ve helped many families just like yours who are dealing with a loved one having dementia.

Why I became a Senior Care Advisor

I was driven to start this business after speaking with several friends (they did not know each other) who seemed to be struggling with the process of finding assisted living and memory care for their loved ones. One of my friends even said to me “Wouldn’t it be great if there was some type of service that could help me with the process?”. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the seed had been planted! At this same time, I had already been volunteering with my local meals on wheels group for several years, and I knew that I was enjoying getting to know my clients and their families. Starting my Assisted Living Locators business seemed like the next logical step I needed to take to continue my service to the elderly and their families in my community.

I can honestly say that every day presents me with a great opportunity to help a family who is facing the task of finding assisted living for a loved one. Every day I look forward to being a trusted resource to someone in need of my service.

Brian Sheridan